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Karen Marie Lauridsen from Odense visited the festival together with her grandchild Naja Blæsild, 4 years old:
“I think it’s really nice and very impressive. We’ve been walking around and looking at the city, and I think Brandts Passage is particularly nice this year. We’ve also been in the cathedral, where there were many unusual orchids that you don’t see every day. I visit the flower festival every year, and I think it is fantastic with all the people who are involved.”

Mrs. Jonna Pedersen, Svendborg
“I’m really impressed. It’s really, really lovely. It’s the first time I’ve ever been here, but it certainly won’t be the last. My big hobby is flowers, and every time I plant new flowers, I wonder whether they will be good for bouquets, or for drying. The Flower Festival gives me inspiration. I’m going to try and mount the flowers on some frames I have made, and it will also be nice to go home and put some Christmas kalanchoe in a big bowl. They don’t use expensive flowers, after all.”