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Founded in 1999, Odense Flower Festival is the city’s most beautiful event, in which myriads of fantastic flower creations adorn the streets of the city centre.

During the festival Odense attracts more than 230,000 visitors from near and far, including both tourists and professionals, which has made Odense Flower Festival into an international event.

Each year the festival has a theme around which the floral decorations are built up. Around 200.000 plants adorn the city streets – a delight to behold, in all their floral glory.

Behind the festival stand our partners. Today, our sponsors include two hundred companies, including Danish horticultural nurseries, who support us so that we can recreate the festival and provide experiences for the festival and its many guests.

Odense Flower Festival creates value for business and industry, and our partners create value for our event. Together, we make the city bloom and flourish – providing a bouquet of experiences for the whole family!