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Welcome to Odense Flower Festival on 17 – 20 August 2017

We invite loyal and new guests to another fantastic and popular floral paradise with art, culture and entertainment for the whole family.

During the festival you will find inspiration, be surprised and perhaps learn more about the flowering world and the world of our partners.
We offer an adventure for all regardless of their age.
Please remember that the admittance to the festival is entirely free.

We have started planning the next festival and here on our website you will find all the information you need to visit the festival in Odense.
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We look forward to celebrating another four festive days with you!
A warm welcome!

See our short film from last year – click her.

Theme 2017  – What a Wonderful World

odenseblomsterfestival_2017_gb_outUnder the theme ‘What a Wonderful World’, we will create the possibility of embracing the stunning, glorious and forever inspiring world that we inhabit.

At Odense Flower Festival, you will experience both town and countryside beautifully melting together, and we will creatively transform the town centre into one large Urban Garden; a beautiful garden right in the middle of Odense – and Denmark.

Concepts such as Urban Garden, Street Art and sustainability have given us lots of inspiration for the ‘What a Wonderful World’ theme.
Green, creative fingers will fill the town with oases of green inspiration and experiences that you can take back home to your own little green patch – your garden, terrace, balcony, flowerpots and wherever else you invite nature into your home.

Look forward to seeing how ‘What a Wonderful World’ is brought to life during Odense Flower Festival.

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